Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to Cheerily Designed Blog

Welcome to cheerily designed. My name is Renee and I am a crafter. 

I love designing cards...especially bright and colourful ones...hence the name of my blog 'cheerily designed'. 

My designs are usually very simple with clean lines. 

I use mixed media in my designs.... stickers, fabrics (ribbons), markers, ink and stamps,embossing, glitter, die cuts and more.

This year I want to really have more fun stamping, die cutting, colouring with markers and inks, creating backgrounds etc. Also want to begin sharing my love of cardmaking with others by giving cardmaking classes to interested parties. 

When I started card making I only knew about using stickers but since then I have been researching and practicing other cardmaking techniques, tools etc.

Currently I am on the island of Grenada with the dear bf and loving it but I cant wait to get back to work in Sweet Trinidad.

I think for my first card of 2015, I will do one to celebrate the time spent here on this island... Blue skies, blue seas, green hills... and island love.... 

So dont forget to follow my blog and leave me your comments....

Cheerily Ren

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