Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Time

I had a really 'happy time' (I just could not resist .........using those words......)in Grenada. Even though the weather did not co operate with the time of season now -which is the dry was enjoyable.

When I visit Grenada it is usually hot with an occasional light shower of rain so there are lots of blues and greens everywhere.

This first card of 2015 is an explosion of blues and greens....

In my last blog I said that I would use colours such as the blues of the sea, the blue of the skies, the blue of the mountain with some island love included.

When I first envisioned the card I just had in mind..... to do lots of balloons in blues and greens. I had no clue how to show island love. I racked and racked my brains and then added the coconut trees and the love heart balloon. Here is the first result....

I felt it needed more so I cut a strip of the green and white polka dots

Then added some more dots
and here is my 'happy time' card...

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