Thursday, January 29, 2015

'Sticker Me Simple' Birthday Cards

Hi there just thought I would share with you over the next month, some lovely cards designed with stickers in mind. When I first started making cards I used a lot of stickers from A Cherry on Top,, Scrapbooking Warehouse, Stickers Galore and Joann's

I still use them in my designs but not as much as before.  I use die-cuts and stamping techniques.

Over the next month I will show you different cards made with stickers, die-cuts and other media. Some will be birthday themed, baby themed etc.....

The first card is entitled ' Birthday night out'

I used some very funky 'drink' themed stickers also added the words night out. I then stamped the word 'Birthday' with stamps from Hot of the Press 'Heartfelt Greetings'.

The fuchsia card stock is from the 'Penny Black Fuchsia fantasy mix and match' collection embossed with  'Do crafts Quilting x cut embossing folder'. I then added some doodlebug twine for additional effect.

There you have it folks...see you soon!

Redapple 39

Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy Time

I had a really 'happy time' (I just could not resist .........using those words......)in Grenada. Even though the weather did not co operate with the time of season now -which is the dry was enjoyable.

When I visit Grenada it is usually hot with an occasional light shower of rain so there are lots of blues and greens everywhere.

This first card of 2015 is an explosion of blues and greens....

In my last blog I said that I would use colours such as the blues of the sea, the blue of the skies, the blue of the mountain with some island love included.

When I first envisioned the card I just had in mind..... to do lots of balloons in blues and greens. I had no clue how to show island love. I racked and racked my brains and then added the coconut trees and the love heart balloon. Here is the first result....

I felt it needed more so I cut a strip of the green and white polka dots

Then added some more dots
and here is my 'happy time' card...

Thanks for reading...see you next week! Don't forget to leave a comment!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Welcome to Cheerily Designed Blog

Welcome to cheerily designed. My name is Renee and I am a crafter. 

I love designing cards...especially bright and colourful ones...hence the name of my blog 'cheerily designed'. 

My designs are usually very simple with clean lines. 

I use mixed media in my designs.... stickers, fabrics (ribbons), markers, ink and stamps,embossing, glitter, die cuts and more.

This year I want to really have more fun stamping, die cutting, colouring with markers and inks, creating backgrounds etc. Also want to begin sharing my love of cardmaking with others by giving cardmaking classes to interested parties. 

When I started card making I only knew about using stickers but since then I have been researching and practicing other cardmaking techniques, tools etc.

Currently I am on the island of Grenada with the dear bf and loving it but I cant wait to get back to work in Sweet Trinidad.

I think for my first card of 2015, I will do one to celebrate the time spent here on this island... Blue skies, blue seas, green hills... and island love.... 

So dont forget to follow my blog and leave me your comments....

Cheerily Ren